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When it's someone's birthday or you want to give something nice to your guests you immediately think, "What is nice to give". Cause usually you do not know what making spirits bright. You brainstorm ask your loved ones what that person needs, or what they like to get. You break your head aka think very hard what is not pleasant if you do not know what to give.

So nownashp arise. As an event designer, stylist and flower planner, I come up with what you can give as a surprise because I love rare functional beautiful things. But now I give you the opportunity to participate in the process. You decide in the online shop what you choose for the new mom or as a keepsake in the goodybag aka present. And there is always something to celebrate with the foil number balloon cake topper an unique aircraft invitation card to leave an unforgettable impression.

Let’s make some memories!

Giving is good but getting is better. It indicates that the person appreciate you and thought of you. You feel special! And do not forget to treat yourself from time to time.

Be inspired by the unique selected collection in the nowNAshp. Everything you need to give something nice to your guests and celebrate a “lit” Party. And do not worry, we ship WORLDWIDE.

Hip Hip Hooraaay!!!!

The perfect gifts to give and get

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